Anise Essential Oil - Pimpinella Anisum - 100% Natural - 10 ml - ETERIKA

Anise Essential Oil - Pimpinella Anisum - 100% Natural - 10 ml

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Applicable part: ripe fruits and seeds

Chemical composition: anethole, methylhavicol, anisaldehyde, tarragon, pinene, phellandren, lemon, dipepta, camphene etc.

Aroma: pleasant, sweet

Volatility: high

Anise oil has a relaxing effect, eliminates tiredness and improves sleep. Soothes coughs and helps with expectoration. Improves lactation, digestion and stimulates flatulence. Firms and gives the skin a radiant appearance.

Application method: External

Aroma lamp: 3-5 drops of essential aniseed oil, which is added to the aroma lamp, have a relaxing effect, relieve tiredness, headaches and improve sleep.

Inhalations: 2-3 liters of essential aniseed oil are added to one liter of boiling water, the steam is inhaled for 5-10 minutes up to twice a day. Have a positive effect on bronchitis, laryngitis, angina, cough and gastrointestinal disorders.

Bath: 7-10 drops of essential aniseed oil on an emulsifier (soda, salt) are added to the water, the body is immersed for 10 minutes without the head, neck and upper chest. It has a calming effect.

Massage: 15 drops of essential aniseed oil are mixed with 55 ml. Base oil (almond, wheat germ, apricot kernels, grape kernels, jojoba, macadamia etc.) Increases blood circulation in the skin, has a toning and anti-inflammatory effect. Breast massages are great care for the breast, tightening and lifting the breasts and leaving the skin silky soft. Abdominal massages are recommended to relieve colic and aid in gas.

Protective mask: for moisturizing dry and aging skin 1 tbsp. Yogurt, 1 tbsp. Almond oil, 1 tbsp. Honey and 4 drops of aniseed essential oil.

Others: For gingivitis and bad breath, it is recommended to rub gums and teeth with aniseed oil or to drip 1 drop of essential aniseed oil onto the toothpaste.

Packaging: 10 ml